Our Cover Plans

At Winn's Plumbing & Heating we have two types of home cover plans for our clients. We have these home cover plans so that in an emergency you are covered, and with the ever growing prices of callouts and maintenance costs we hope this provides a more cost effective solution. Both of our plans are Parts & Labour Included*. Our main focus with displaying these plans to you is to ensure you feel you know exactly what your signing up to, we have a page of terms and conditions for these plans, but we have made sure most of the information you want and need to know is on this page right here. However we definitely recommend looking at our T&C's page just so you know everything. Both of Our plans allow you to start and terminate the contract whenever you like leaving you with full reassurance that your not tied into a 12 or 24 month contract*. After all we are a local friendly small business with a good name that we wish to keep.

Last but not least to stay competitive we offer a fixed excess fee rate of £50 per claim to all new and existing customers wether you pick the standard or the premium plan and we also promise to never raise the price of either of our plans for existing customers just to show we value your business... and yes we have underlined every important bit of info that you probably spend ages trying to find on other companies websites as more than anything we value your trust!

Our Standard Plan - £10 Per Month

​What this plan covers:

  • Repairs to the plumbing system in your home.

  • Unblocking and repairing your waste and drainage system.

  • Replacement of tap washers*

  • Replacement of taps*

  • Ball cocks, Syphons and valves.

  • Running toilets ( water running in pan )​

What this plan doesn't cover:

  • Showers and shower parts.

  • Shower Pumps.

  • Sanitary ware and silicone.

Our Premium Plan - £20 Per Month

​What this plan covers

Our premium plan covers everything from our standard plan and a lot more !

  • A recurring boiler service each year with an initial health check before plan starts

  • Powerflushes

  • Central heating pumps

  • Two Port or Three port motorised valves

  • CP12 Gas safety check (for landlords)

  • Carbon Monoxide Test (New alarm fitted if 

  • General Central Heating Maintenance Checks.

  • Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's) and lockshields

  • F&E Heating tank (Header Tank replace/clean

  • pipes and fittings

  • Repairs to gas boiler with manufacturers parts*

  • Thermostats and Programmers.*

We hope to have maybe provided a solution for your plumbing heating and drainage needs at what we hope is a reasonable price for you. if you would like to see our T&C's then click the link below any other questions please feel free to contact us on - 07414937242 or info@winnsplumbing.co.uk

And just so you know where there is an * it is recommending you see to the Terms of use to see in more detail about the service provided we have listed most of these in section 8 in the Terms of use so they are easier to find.